Member Benefits WKA

The World Karate Association was founded on July 4th, 2020, by senior Karate practitioners from all over the world. Before founding the organization, the founding members had numerous meetings to list the mistakes and weaknesses of other Traditional Karate organizations. Over 50 important issues were listed, and we built the structure and policies of the World Karate Association to eliminate these problems right from the start. The result of our work was the BIRTH OF A NEW MODERN DAY NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION THAT TRULY SUPPORTS KARATE STUDENTS, INSTRUCTORS AND DOJO OWNERS.

List of Member Benefits


To promote world peace and cultural exchange through the art of Traditional Karate.


Tournaments and International training camps with world class instructors.


International Instructors and Coaches Certification Programs.


Specialty certification programs in other disciplines that augment and support Traditional Karate training. These certification programs include Boxing, Krav Maga, Active Shooter training for schools and public facilities, firearms training, and Law Enforcement Sciences (for both professionals and civilian.


A state of the art website where instructors can do all association business quickly, easily, and with no hassles or delays. WKA offers the international Karate community a permanent homogeneous online home for the listing of legitimate Kyu/Dan grades and credentials. All WKA grades and credentials are easily verified on the WKA website.


Low cost everything! The World Karate Association philosophy is that the organization exists to support students and instructors. Through extensive analysis of true pricing, we priced our services to be as inexpensive as humanly possible. In doing so, Karate students and instructors are not burdened with unnecessary and unfair expenses.


Dan Diplomas and all other Black Belt Level credentials will be INSTANTLY listed on the World Karate Association website, and the physical Diplomas will be delivered to the student within 2 WEEKS.


INSTANT email delivery of WKA Kyu Diplomas for printing by the dojo owner. Students names, dates and grades will be INSTANTLY listed on the website for verification. WKA believes it is very important for students and parents to see their accomplishments listed on the World Karate Association website.


Instant email delivery of custom WKA awards for printing by the dojo owner. All awards will be listed on the World Karate Association website.


Scholarships and free seminars to support Traditional Karate programs in low income communities and countries with a low human development index.


Being part of a new international Karate family that is truly dedicated to YOU!